Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Parth. He had big, curious eyes.

Parth enjoyed many things, like music, basketball, and Nintendo games. But one fine day, he had his first taste of programming, and suddenly, he felt like he had the power to create anything he could imagine!

When Parth turned twelve, he created a game called Super Mario Venture. A businessman laid his eyes on the game and struck a deal that earned Parth 600 dollars! But to little Parth, it was only about the fun.

Soon after Super Mario Venture, Parth went on a real adventure! He traveled to India to become a boarding student at The Valley School, a fun place that encouraged art, creativity, and inner discovery.

After a couple years in India, Parth flew back home for high school. On the flight, he thought about the good friends he had made, his crazy adventures, and all the cool new things he had learned like pottery and cooking.

In high school, Parth took a web design class. He found it funny how his teacher was called Mr. Webber. Parth liked Mr. Webber because he was a kind man. He even let Parth work on a JavaScript Mario game and level editor in class.

Outside class, Parth sometimes performed his own card tricks. He once shared a trick he invented with a magic company called Ellusionist, and they paid him a few thousand dollars! This inspired Parth to keep inventing.

After high school, Parth went to college to study Computer Science. In his first semester, he learned that he was terrible at dancing when he took part in a Diwali Night performance. He mustered some acrobatics.

College, with all of its fun and drama, flew by quickly, and Parth found himself in his final year. He got an internship at a place called Nomadics where he discovered how satisfying it was to create slick user interfaces!

Even though Nomadics would have liked for him to stay, Parth had to say his bittersweet goodbye. He turned his tassel, took a deep breath, and started his new job at a place called L-3 Communications.

Over the next few years, Parth learned a lot about software development, and about himself. But there was one big stone unturned, and Parth wanted to see what it was hiding. He embarked on a journey of self learning.

Parth did a lot! He made an indie game called Bounce Sir. He studied modern front-end development and UX, and revamped his website. He took up guitar. He learned about meditation and mindfulness. He became Parth 2.0.

That is Parth's story so far. But it isn't finished! Parth is now looking for his next adventure where he can learn, grow, and be creative.


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